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Vccvb cv

A man who always think of something new, and creating a result out of the new ideas, the chairman Kim Dong Gil had always wrote down his new ideas, ran to the field, and tried to turn the idea into reality. The new technologies in the dye industry that created a sensation in the global market were the fruits that bore out his such efforts and passion.

In addition, he decided to enter the electronic materials market to find a new growth engine for the company when he was over 70, instead of settling comfortably on the achievements that had left big marks in the history of dye.

He pushed the limits of a dye specializing company, and opened a new future.

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When you think about how a company comes to a turning point, you can realize how important the human resources, the manpower, really are. The highest quality of products in the world are made with the fingers of employees.

The research fellows have been proud of this side of the chairman, and would greatly be inspired to be more passionate about researching themselves. KISCO has been establishing itself as a technology-centered corporation while launching one after another new products each year, and is on its quest to the future-oriented global corporation supported by the outstanding quality of products on a par with major counterparts from the world.

Since its earliest days in history, KISCO has been inviting the top technicians from the industry both in and out of the country, and took the best out of their expertise in special projects. In addition, he has been generously investing in Vccvb cv employees to grow them into the highest-quality specialists with the knowledge in the latest, advanced Vccvb cv.

There are many famous episodes that explain his passion for chemistry, including the times when, during the early days of history, he would make employees sit with him, stress the importance of continuous studying, and explaining chemical structures to them in person.

I was so enchanted and thrilled to observe experiments and notice something new that I would forget to leave the lab. The experiments with dyes, that can return numerous kinds of results depending on the conditions and environments, are truly attractive field of studies.

I am not exaggerating to say that I made anybody who has anything to do with dyes my friend. It was because I believed that, if you meet people for the business purpose only, you only have to contact them on business matters. But when you make friends with them, they think they are coming to Korea to meet a friend, and the national background does not matter.

During the process, the customers were more than just business partners; they were more like friends to the chairman, who could impress others by cherishing the friendship and trust more than anything as a business leader. His way of building trust priority business relationship has evolved into the tradition in the company, where any visitors and customers are received with the utmost respects and heart-felt welcome.

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This tradition has been attributed to the trusting relationship with customers, and the sharp increase in the business transactions. I always ensured to build trusting relationship with employees by practicing transparent business management, because I believed the satisfaction of employees is the most important goal for the company.

When I become transparent, the employees will follow the model after me, and they will become transparent, as well. The transparent business management can build mutual trust between the labor and the management, and I always did the best I can to practice open and transparent business management, because the more the company grow, the bigger profit to share with all.

The chairman Kim Dong Gil also believed that the entire employees were partners in business management, and ensured to share all management issues with them.

The management status was announced to all employees so that they can have the sense of belonging to the same organization, and feel the sense of responsibility. The 40 years of continuous growing of the company through risks and challenges was all attributed to the co-existing relationship between the labor and the management, and the transparent business practice.

It is the basic principle that you have to have the absolutely outstanding quality if you want the reputation in the overseas market. The company extended its business territory beyond the reactive dyes to the disperse dyes, and again to the electronic material business.

Vccvb cv

Ultimately, it was the commitment to make the highest quality products recognized in the world market that made KISCO to stand tall at the center of the global market after 40 years of its history.

There had been hundreds of turning points in the past, but they are nothing compared to what lies ahead of us. I think the five years from now will be the most critical time for the company.

The technology that will take us to the future we envision is the latest organic chemical synthesis technology. I believe that no companies in the precision chemical industry in Korea have the kind of synthetic technology and experience in the dye researches that we do have.

When nobody could imagine a dye company tapping into the electronic materials industry, KISCO took the challenge with an eye to the future of the colors.The information set forth on the foregoing websites shall not be deemed to be a part of or incorporated by reference into this Current Report on Form 8-K.

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