The election of lyndon b johnson

See Article History Alternative Titles: A moderate Democrat and vigorous leader in the United States SenateJohnson was elected vice president in and acceded to the presidency in upon the assassination of Pres. During his administration he signed into law the Civil Rights Actthe most comprehensive civil rights legislation since the Reconstruction era, initiated major social service programs, and bore the brunt of national opposition to his vast expansion of American involvement in the Vietnam War.

The election of lyndon b johnson

United States presidential election ofAmerican presidential election held on November 3,in which Democratic Pres. Johnson defeated Republican Barry Goldwater in one of the largest landslides in U. The campaign The election occurred just less than one year after the assassination of Pres.

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To American and foreign observers alike, this created a disturbing image of disorder and violence in the United States. In the tempestuous days after the assassination, Johnson helped to calm national hysteria and ensure continuity in the presidency.

Johnson Library Photo Central to the campaign was race relations, particularly with the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act ofwhich Johnson signed into law in July and which was intended to end discrimination based on race, colour, religion, or national origin.

Goldwater had voted against the act, and he was a staunch anticommunist and a strong proponent of reduced federal activity in all fields.

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Miller of New York as his running mate. Indeed, a poll in June had indicated that more than three-fifths of rank-and-file Republicans favoured William Scranton, governor of Pennsylvaniafor the party nomination. Wallace won 30 percent or more of the Democratic vote in the WisconsinIndianaand Maryland primaries.

Humphrey as his running mate.

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The convention, however, was the scene of a major civil rights controversy. Is this America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where we have to sleep with our telephones off the hooks because our lives be threatened daily, because we want to live as decent human beings, in America?

Goldwater made moral leadership a major theme of his campaign. The Republican Party made little effort to court the vote of African Americans, and black voters would move in great numbers to the Democrats, providing Johnson his margin of victory in states such as Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The election of lyndon b johnson

Although foreign affairs had not been a central issue in much of the campaign, American military involvement in Vietnam did weigh heavily on Johnson. Stock footage courtesy The WPA Film Library When the votes were cast on November 3, Johnson defeated Goldwater handily, winning by more than 15 million votes and capturing 61 percent of the vote.

The electoral vote domination was even greater; Johnson won 44 states and Washington, D.Johnson, Lyndon B.: oath of office Lyndon B. Johnson taking the presidential oath of office aboard Air Force One, November 22, Lyndon B.

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Johnson Library and Museum In Dallas on November 22, , during a political tour of Johnson’s home state, President Kennedy was assassinated. The United States presidential election of , the 45th quadrennial American presidential election, was held on Tuesday, November 3, Incumbent Democratic President Lyndon B.

Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater, the Republican nominee. Jan 22,  · Watch video · Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the United States; he was sworn into office following the November assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The Campaign and Election of Lyndon Johnson's nomination for the top spot on the Democratic ticket in was a foregone conclusion, with his glittering legislative success and .

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The election of lyndon b johnson

Johnson provides new evidence that the 36th President stole his first election to the United States Senate, in The Campaign and Election of Lyndon Johnson's nomination for the top spot on the Democratic ticket in was a foregone conclusion, with his glittering legislative success and .

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