Reiki research papers

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Reiki research papers

The study summaries provided by the Center for Reiki Research are the best source for information on Reiki Research. Currently sessions have been completed with a goal of The Reiki sessions are being conducted by members of the Reiki Membership Association.

To read about this survey and see a preliminary analysis of the data, click here. Reiki is a method of stress reduction that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying-on hands. Lay practitioners have used it for more than 90 years, and its popularity is growing.

A study done in by the National Health Interview Survey indicates that 1. Read more about Reiki The purpose of this web site is to promote the scientific awareness of Reiki by providing a current list of evidence based research published in peer reviewed journals along with summaries of each of these studies.

We also offer guidance and direction for those wanting to produce future studies. Also included on this web site is a list of hospitals, medical clinics, and hospice programs where Reiki sessions are offered.

This process is a method of analyzing all studies within a specific field of scientific research. It was developed as part of a project to determine the current state of Reiki research.

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In this project, every Reiki research study, ever published in the U. Initially, the studies were evaluated to determine whether they meet the criteria necessary to be included in the project. A standardized form, developed and piloted by our research team, was used for the evaluation process.

If there were discrepancies found between the two critiques, whether it be in the scoring or verbiage, a third critique was required and conducted by a third doctorally qualified researcher.

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Once the evaluation was complete and without discrepancies it went to the summarization team. The summarization team used the two peer reviewed critiques and a standardized summarization form, developed and piloted by our research team, to create a summary of the evaluation.

The completed summary was then sent to the Editor-In-Chief, for final editing, prior to publication on the web site. While the process incorporates existing best practices for scientific review and no one step is unique to Touchstone, the scope of included practices is unprecedented in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

The information in the hospital list has been provided by individuals who are part of the Reiki program listed. A detailed description of the program including organization, number of practitioners and contact person s is provided.

The basic facts of each program have been verified and approved by the hospital before they are listed. In addition, the initial program listing date and date of last update are also indicated. See Hospital List Membership is free To gain access to site resources, you need to become a member by filling out a simple form.

Become a Member Sample of a research summary and hospital listings Membership Benefits Provides a current list of evidence based research in the U.

Provides a guide to the basics of creating a quality Reiki research study. Provides information on how to create case reports. A Reiki Research consultation service is available. Provides a list of hospitals, clinics, and hospice programs where Reiki sessions are offered including a program description and contact information.

Reiki – Science-Based Medicine

Information listed has been verified and approved by each hospital or clinic. Allows Reiki practitioners wanting to volunteer a way to contact program administrators.

Allows hospital or clinic administrators or others an easy way to research Reiki in hospitals so they can more easily set up a program in their hospital or clinic.

Allows patients to find hospitals where Reiki sessions are offered. Provides a list of articles on Reiki research and Reiki in hospitals.MEDICAL RESEARCH, AND OTHER PAPERS ON REIKI - an incomplete list Compiled byJames Deacon. At the time of compilation of this list, several of the following papers/articles were freely available on the internet.

Medical Papers The quality of health care depends in part on the accuracy of information published in medical journals. The peer-review process is designed to maintain scientifically credible information and research standards.

Medical research and other papers on the benefits of Reiki treatment. Reiki (pronounced raykey) is a form of “energy healing,” essentially the Asian version of faith healing or laying on of hands. Practitioners believe they are transferring life .

Explore healing energy with Reiki benefits, myths, explanations, treatments, workshops, discounts and gifts. Welcome to Healing Light Reiki in Helena MT. Explore healing energy with Reiki benefits, myths, explanations, treatments, workshops, discounts and gifts.

Healing Research. by William Lee Rand. Scientific research in the area of laying on of hands has been conducted for some time.

Reiki research papers

There are now quite a few experiments that validate the usefulness of Reiki and other healing techniques.

Center for Reiki Research