Iceberg is melting

Over the last 18 years, researchers have tracked iceberg B as it drifted around the continent and eventually northward.

Iceberg is melting

This charming story about a penguin colony in Antarctica illustrates key truths about how we deal with the issue of change: The penguins are living happily on their iceberg as they have done for many years.

Our Iceberg is Melting Penguin Illustrations for PowerPoint - SlideModel

Then one curious penguin discovers a potentially devastating problem threatening their home — and pretty much no one listens to him. The characters in this fable are like people we recognize, even ourselves.

Their story is one of resistance to change and heroic action, confusion and insight, seemingly intractable obstacles and the most clever tactics for dealing with those obstacles.

It is a story that is occuring in different forms around us today — but the penguins handle change a great deal better than most of us. Based on John Kotter's pioneering work on how to make smart change happen faster and better, the lessons you can learn from this short and easy-to-read book will serve you well in your job, in your family and in your community.

And these lessons are becoming ever more important as the world around us changes faster and faster. This edition celebrates 10 years since the publication of this classic business fable with new and improved illustrations and a foreword by Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese?The Our Iceberg is Melting Penguin Illustrations for PowerPoint is a creative slide deck presentation of John Kotter’s book.

Iceberg is melting

The book “Our Iceberg is Melting” is an incredible tool to understating the management of successful change. This PowerPoint template shows penguins standing over the floating iceberg/5(2). Watch video · The iceberg has come to a halt just metres offshore and is slowly melting.

Huge chunks of ice are cascading into the water, sending large waves crashing towards the . Get daily satellite images and information about melting on the Greenland ice sheet.

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We post analysis periodically as conditions warrant. Click an image for a high-resolution version. Daily melt extent mapping is suspended for the winter.

Calibration of yearly melt detection requires analysis of. The book, Our Iceberg is Melting is a fable about the changes taking place across the world.

The book, written by a Harvard professor, John Kotter, is a story that is based on the simple realities of every day lives in the business world. Our Iceberg is Melting - Northeast Kingdom Collaborative.

Iceberg is melting

In the book, a group of penguins whose iceberg is melting must change in order to survive while their iceberg home melts. Accelerate [ edit ] More recently, Kotter released Buy In [13] (), A Sense of Urgency [14] () and Accelerate ().

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