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Essay on patrice lumumba

GIves a little bit background of this document, brief summarize it and your own thoughts of viewing this independent speech. About three paragraph, focus on the personal thoughts of this speech. All of you, my friends, who have fought tirelessly at our sides, I ask you to make this June 30,an illustrious date that you will keep indelibly engraved in your hearts, a date of significance of which you will teach to your children, so that they will make known to their sons and to their grandchildren the glorious history of our fight for liberty.

For this independence of the Congo, even as it is celebrated today with Belgium, a friendly country with whom we deal as equal to equal, no Congolese worthy of the name will ever be able to forget that is was by fighting that it has been won [applause], a day-to-day fight, an ardent and idealistic fight, a fight in which we were spared neither privation nor suffering, and for which we gave our strength and our blood.

We are proud of this struggle, of tears, of fire, and of blood, to the depths of our being, for it was a noble and just struggle, and indispensable to put an end to the humiliating slavery which was imposed upon us by force. This was our fate for eighty years of a colonial regime; our wounds are too fresh and too painful still for us to drive them from our memory.

We have known harassing work, exacted in exchange for salaries which did not permit us to eat enough to drive away hunger, or to clothe ourselves, or to house ourselves decently, or to raise our children as creatures dear to us.

We have known ironies, insults, blows that we endured morning, noon, and evening, because we are Negroes.

We have seen our lands seized in the name of allegedly legal laws which in fact recognized only that might is right. We have seen that the law was not the same for a white and for a black, accommodating for the first, cruel and inhuman for the other.

We have witnessed atrocious sufferings of those condemned for their political opinions or religious beliefs; exiled in their own country, their fate truly worse than death itself. We have seen that in the towns there were magnificent houses for the whites and crumbling shanties for the blacks, that a black was not admitted in the motion-picture houses, in the restaurants, in the stores of the Europeans; that a black traveled in the holds, at the feet of Independence Day June 30, http: Who will ever forget the massacres where so many of our brothers perished, the cells into which those who refused to submit to a regime of oppression and exploitation were thrown [applause]?

All that, my brothers, we have endured. But we, whom the vote of your elected representatives have given the right to direct our dear country, we who have suffered in our body and in our heart from colonial oppression, we tell you very loud, all that is henceforth ended.

The Republic of the Congo has been proclaimed, and our country is now in the hands of its own children. Together, my brothers, my sisters, we are going to begin a new struggle, a sublime struggle, which will lead our country to peace, prosperity, and greatness.

Together, we are going to establish social justice and make sure everyone has just remuneration for his labor [applause]. We are going to keep watch over the lands of our country so that they truly profit her children.

We are going to restore ancient laws and make new ones which will be just and noble. We are going to put an end to suppression of free thought and see to it that all our citizens enjoy to the full the fundamental liberties foreseen in the Declaration of the Rights of Man [applause].

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We are going to do away with all discrimination of every variety and assure for each and all the position to which human dignity, work, and dedication entitles him.Patrice Lumumba Who was Patrice Lumumba, a martyr for a worthy cause, or a foolish man with unrealistic hopes and ambitions?

Patrice Lumumba was a Congolese independence leader and the first legally elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo (“Patrice Emergy Lumumba”). Essay on Patrice Emry Lumumba - Patrice Emry Lumumba, a martyr for a worthy cause, of a foolish man with unrealistic hopes and ambitions.

Essay on patrice lumumba

Due to his hard work, unrelenting persistence, and aspirations, his homeland, the Congo, gained their independence from the colonizing country of Belgium July 1st, Patrice Lumumba was born on 2 July to a farmer, François Tolenga Otetshima, and his wife Julienne Wamato Lomendja, in Onalua in the Katakokombe region of the Kasai province of the Belgian Congo.

He was a member of the Tetela ethnic group and was born with the name Élias Okit'Asombo. Get access to Patrice Lumumba Dona Kimpa Vita Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want.

Only at. Patrice Lumumba Who was Patrice Lumumba, a martyr for a worthy cause, or a foolish man with unrealistic hopes and ambitions? Patrice Lumumba was a Congolese independence leader and the first legally elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Congo (“Patrice Emergy Lumumba”).

Patrice Lumumba was an Congolese/African nationalist before his country became a nation and had dreamed of a free Congolese people. He dreamed of a Congolese and African people who were capable of forging their own destinies and establishing their own .

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