Essay of my favourite tree

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Essay of my favourite tree

The Duke of Buckingham by Rubens Favourites inevitably tended to incur the envy and loathing of the rest of the nobilityand monarchs were sometimes obliged by political pressure to dismiss or execute them; in the Middle Ages nobles often rebelled in order to seize and kill a favourite.

Too close a relationship between monarch and favourite was seen as a breach of the natural order and hierarchy of society. Since many favourites had flamboyant "over-reaching" personalities, they often led the way to their own downfall with their rash behaviour.

As the opinions of the gentry and bourgeoisie grew in importance, they too often strongly disliked favourites.

Dislike from all classes could be especially intense in the case of favourites who were elevated from humble, or at least minor, backgrounds by royal favour. Titles and estates were usually given lavishly to favourites, who were compared to mushrooms because they sprang up suddenly overnight, from a bed of excrement.

Favourites who came from the higher nobility, such as LeicesterLermaOlivaresand Oxenstiernawere often less resented and lasted longer.

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The favourite can often not be easily distinguished from the successful Essay of my favourite tree administrator, who at the top of the tree Essay of my favourite tree needed the favour of the monarch, but the term is generally used of those who first came into contact with the monarch through the social life of the court, rather than the business of politics or administration.

Figures like William Cecil and Jean-Baptiste Colbertwhose accelerated rise through the administrative ranks owed much to their personal relations with the monarchbut who did not attempt to behave like grandees of the nobility, were also often successful. Elizabeth I had Cecil as Secretary of State and later Lord High Treasurer from the time she ascended the throne in until his death 40 years later.

She had more colourful relationships with several courtiers; the most lasting and intimate one was with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicesterwho was also a leading politician. Cardinal Wolsey was one figure who rose through the administrative hierarchy, but then lived extremely ostentatiously, before falling suddenly from power.

Cardinal Granvellelike his father, was a trusted Habsburg minister who lived grandly, but he was not really a favourite, partly because most of his career was spent away from the monarch. Some favourites came from very humble backgrounds: Archibald Armstrongjester to James I of England infuriated everyone else at court but managed to retire a wealthy man; unlike Robert Cochranea stonemason probably a senior one, more like an architect than an artisan who became Earl of Mar before the Scottish nobles revolted against him, and hanged him and other low-born favourites of James III of Scotland.

Olivier le Daimthe barber of Louis XIacquired a title and important military commands before he was executed on vague charges brought by nobles shortly after his master died, without the knowledge of the new king.

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It has been claimed that le Daim's career was the origin of the term, as favori the French word first appeared around the time of his death in Privado in Spanish was older, but was later partly replaced by the term valido; in Spanish, both terms were less derogatory than in French and English.

Queen Victoria's John Brown came much too late; the devotion of the monarch and ability to terrorize her household led to hardly any rise in social or economic position. Decline[ edit ] Cardinal Richelieuone of the most successful from the golden age of the favourite In England, the scope for giving political power to a favourite was reduced by the growing importance of Parliament.

After the "mushroom" Buckingham was assassinated by John Felton inCharles I turned to Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Straffordwho had been a leader of Parliamentary opposition to Buckingham and the King, but he had become his supporter after Charles made concessions.

Strafford can therefore hardly be called a favourite in the usual sense even though his relationship with Charles became very close. He was also from a well-established family, with powerful relations. After several years in power, Strafford was impeached by a Parliament now very hostile to him.

When that process failed, it passed a bill of attainder for his execution without trial, and it put enough pressure on Charles that to his subsequent regret, Charles signed it, and Strafford was executed in There were later minister-favourites in England, but they knew that the favour of the monarch alone was not sufficient to rule, and most also had careers in Parliament.

Essay of my favourite tree

In France, the movement was in the opposite direction. On the death of Cardinal Mazarin inthe year-old Louis XIV determined that he would rule himself, and he did not allow the delegation of power to ministers that had marked the previous 40 years.

The absolute monarchy pioneered by Cardinal RichelieuMazarin's predecessor, was to be led by the monarch himself. Prince Grigori Potemkin Favourites were the subject of much contemporary debate, some of it involving a certain amount of danger for the participants.

There were a large number of English plays on the subject, amongst the best known to be Marlowe's Edward II in which Piers Gaveston is a leading character, and Sejanus His Fallfor which Ben Jonson was called before the Privy Councilaccused of "Popery and treason", as the play was claimed by his enemies to contain allusions to the contemporary court of James I of England.

Sejanuswhose career under Tiberius was vividly described by Tacituswas the subject of numerous works all around Europe.We will write a custom essay sample on My Grandparents’ House specifically for you for only $ $ My grandparents’ house was in my memory as the most favorite place that visited during my childhood and now as adult, to me the perfect vacation spot.

How to cite this page Swot Analysis of Tree House Lodge Beach Hotel ; Grandparents. A favourite or favorite (American English) was the intimate companion of a ruler or other important Post-Classical and Early Modern Europe, among other times and places, the term is used of individuals delegated significant political power by a was especially a phenomenon of the 16th and 17th centuries, when government had become too complex for many hereditary rulers with.

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