Effects of the syrian civil war

More thanSyrians have been killed in the fighting, over a million injured, and over 12 million - half the country's prewar population - have been displaced. Here is how and why the conflict started: What caused the uprising? This gave hope to Syrian pro-democracy activists.

Effects of the syrian civil war

Since the early s, Syria has been controlled by a single family — first by a man named Hafez al-Assad, who seized power inand then by his son Bashar al-Assadwho succeeded Hafez in and has ruled Syria ever since.

The Assad family is Alawite, which means they adhere to a minority branch of the Islamic faith that is related to Shiite Islam. However, Alawite Islam is not the majority religion in Syria: The relationship between the Sunni branch of Islam and the Alawite and Shiite branches is extremely adverse; both believe followers of the other sect are not true followers of Islam.

In order to maintain power, the Assad regime has ruthlessly suppressed the Sunni population ever since Hafez al-Assad came to power, fostering conditions ripe for an uprising.

Ina series of revolutionary anti-government uprisings spread across the Middle Eastwhich has been referred to as the Arab Spring.

Impacts - The Syrian Civil War

The kick-off incident was the Tunisian Revolution in December ofwhich emboldened anti-government rebellions throughout other Arab countries. The long-suppressed Sunni Muslims saw this as an opportunity to overthrow the Alawite Assad Regime and to create a Sunni Arab nation in its place.

Thus, the Syrian Civil War began. The Syrian Civil War is a complicated web of alliances and rivalrieswhich has drawn several international actors into its turmoil.

Iraq is also supporting Assad.

Effects of the syrian civil war

First, it desires to protect its military bases that it has established in Syria, and to increase its control in the Middle East. Second, allying with Assad will provide Russia with more influence and favor from his regime in the future. This is because the opposition is not a single unified force, but rather several disparate groups, each with its own purpose and goals, and many of these forces are not allies of one another.

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The FSA, however, has been characterized as a loose coalition of armed groups, rather than a unified army. The individual groups operate more-or-less independently, with their own command structures, and simply report to the SMC through the chain of command.

The SMC in turn functions mostly as a channel for foreign funding and arms supplies. Two radical Jihadist groups have also joined the fray: As such, the U.

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Thus, the presence of radical Jihadist groups particularly ISIS has created a complicated triangle of hostility among the various actors: This represents a serious threat to American interests, which the current administration has failed to properly address.

In addition, it poses a clear and present danger to Christians in the region, as persecution quickly expands and with extraordinary barbarity. Thus, the situation in Syria is an extremely critical one that cannot be ignored or underplayed.Mar 15,  · Half a million Syrians have been killed in the five-year civil war.

Nearly two and a half million children forced to become refugees. A bracingly immediate memoir by a young man coming of age during the Syrian war, an intimate lens on the century’s bloodiest conflict, and a profound meditation on kinship, home, and freedom.

The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing armed conflict between the Ba’ath Government and those who wants to overthrow it. It started as a reaction to the Arab Spring, a series of anti-government protests across the Arab world inspired by the fall of the Tunisian regime in early In the mids, the Seven Years' War involved all of the world's major colonial powers on five continents.

The biggest fight was between France and Great Britain, and the victor would come away. Far from being an obscure aspect of a remote civil war, the crisis in Aleppo has had ripple effects across the globe as refugees fan out across Europe.

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