De100 tma01

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De100 tma01

Great tutor and tutorials. Catherine Dawson Course starting: October Review posted: September I chose this course since I have always been interested in abnormal psychology.

I absolutely loved this course and learnt a lot from it as well. There were only 3 assignments and an EMA so I was able to do it alongside another course. The material was confusing at times but was able to recover quickly by the help and support of my tutor. The assignments were sometimes very hard work but rewarding.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in mental health studies. Aisha Uppal Course starting: September I thoroughly enjoyed this course, in fact it has been my De100 tma01 course so far with the OU.

I loved the combination of biology my favourite bit! My tutor was great and very supportive throughout. I hope I enjoy my next course DD as much! Melanie Greatorex De100 tma01 starting: September I enjoyed SDK It is a well presented and written course.

Book 4 Dementias and the associated multimedia map and case studies were especially good. I studied the course immediately after studying SD which I found hard going ; as a social science student I found the content more suitable as it covers biology, psychology and social aspects. I would recommend this course to both psychology and social science students who are interested in investigating mental health.

Jan Thompson Course starting: August For me, this course was very tough going. The quantity and difficulty of the study materials books and online was a lot more than I had expected.

Elements of chemistry and neurobiology feature heavily here and even though they are kept at a low-difficulty level, I had to work hard to grasp the concepts and use them correctly - the course website however made these matters a lot easier to understand.

Furthermore, some of the issues discussed in the course also are likely to be upsetting to many students - addictions, dementias and care of the elderly, depression etc.

De100 tma01

The overall picture that SDK paints is a fascinating one, and I think that the course materials managed to provide an excellent idea of how diverse the subject of mental illness is - how causes, treatments, indeed even definitions of what constitutes mental illness are determined by complex interrelated factors and cannot be attributed to just biology, or just psychology alone.

Throw the influence of society in the mix, and you have the ingredients for a handful or debates which I found most enlightening and thought-provoking. An excellent course, all the more useful now that the OU are about to bin their full-on Biological Psychology course. Alina Kemp Course starting: January Review posted: September This was by far my favourite module.

The combination of science and psychology worked well for me. The module is very modern and very relevant.TMA 01 notes 1. Marking the TMA1Look at the criteria on page 4 and 5 of the assessment guide.

You will need to show ‘your knowledge and understanding of relevant course material’. H TMA01 Angela Phillips.

Tutorial 3 with voice over Open . Outline the similarities and differences between mailgrams () obedience study and burger’s () replication. Part 1 In this essay I am going to outline differences and similarities in Milgram’s () abidance study and Burger’s () replication.

DE Investigating Psychology TMA01 (1st year of undergraduate study). Grade received: A case study in psychology - Essays & Research Papers Implementing each of these variants in psychological research may prove beneficial to the researcher when properly appropriated in .

DE Investigating Psychology TMA01 (1st year of undergraduate study). Grade received: Psychology Essay - Samples & Examples.

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Sorry to hear about your disappointment. It does sound as though it isn’t an unusual experience to have a bit of a shocker with TMA01 in DD, if that’s any comfort – not that I know, as I’m ‘looking forward’ to starting DD next year. Check out #openuniversity photos & videos on Instagram: latest posts and popular posts about #openuniversity.

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