Canada and safe water essay

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Canada and safe water essay

Canada And Safe Water Essay, Research Paper Canada is an enormous country that has its cities and communities spread form one sea to Canada and safe water essay. Many great distances often separate these areas, and sometimes force these areas to develop their own identities out of isolation.

Even sometimes communities are faced with disasters that force certain identities on them. The way a community sees national issues says a great deal about their identity and the same goes for the national side. All of these issues present today are mostly portrayed through the eyes of the media and their coverages.

Today, the media presents its opinions on the issues and determines the importance through the amount of coverage. A good example to portray this situation is through Walkerton, Ontario. Last year, it was home of the outbreak of E. Coli water contamination, a more community issue that got the attention of the whole province and the nation.

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Since this disaster, there has been attempts from the surrounding communities and the nation to improve the water systems, especially in Ontario. Walkerton Disaster On Friday, 26 May a quiet little town in the rural heartland of Ontario was struck with a water crisis.

An outbreak of E. Coli contaminated water that killed seven people and made hundreds of people suffer from the symptoms.

Inside Walkerton The disaster could have been prevented, according to the local medical officer of health. Apparently the Walkerton Utilities Commission knew about the problem with the water several days before they told the public about it. Inside Walkerton Also, Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman announced that the province would toughen legislation on factory farms.

Canada and safe water essay

Safe Water Since this tragedy, the Ontario government is seeking to protect groundwater and reduce conflict over factory farms.

And is set to introduce legislation placing a stricter control over intensive livestock operations and the disposal of dead farm animals.

Last year, after the Walkerton disaster, Agriculture Minister Ernie Hardeman announced that the province would toughen legislation on factory farms. The proposal is a recognition that rules that were first put in place by small-scale farms are no longer as satisfactory for massive agribusiness operations, and that can have a big jolt on the environment.

There is no doubt that the number of people farming has been going down, but the size of the [remaining] farms is going up. According to the draft, the legislation would require farms to have manure-management plans, require farmers to train before being allowed to apply nutrients, and give the government inspectors the right to enter the farms whenever they wanted without a warrant.

Also, the government wants to give itself the ability to regulate the storage and spreading of animal wastes around communal wells and water bodies. He said that because municipal governments do not have the political will nor the resources to monitor large businesses. Records testify that the proposal will be issued soon and that the public will have until 30 March to comment on it.

There are around 67, farm in Ontario and the numbers have been sliding while the farms have gotten significantly larger. For instance, according to the provincial records, the number of pork producers has dropped from 93, to about 5, in Pig production has become more concentrated as the number of producers has declined, bringing with it the potential for large-scale environmental problems.

A pig farm with 3, animals produces as much excrement as a city of 15, people, creating a huge potential for water contamination with proper controls. The biggest difficulty with this type of intensive farming is that the capacity of the livestock to produce manure that far exceeds the ability of the surrounding lands to absorb it all safely as fertilizer.

Private firms may soon bid for the water services in Ontario. Many assume that the province has already decided that privatization is the way to go. Premier Mike Harris said his government is considering how to get more private involvement.

The basic interests of consumers is a safe and reliable source of drinking water. However, the incentive that drives large corporations is making profits. Privatization, in Toronto, would give cheaper and more efficient systems.

At the moment, the large firm companies run the main system and do the core business. The private companies are the ones that do the major construction, repairs and maintenance.

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Global Warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, which causes the earth to warm up in an abnormal fashion. Essay on Canada and Safe Water Words | 8 Pages Canada and Safe Water Canada is an enormous country that has its cities and communities spread form one sea to another.

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Canada has access to more fresh water than any other country, which the Canadian citizens will not use. Sharing this water with the United States, and getting something back in return, would be safe to the ecology and Canada will still have enough water for themselves.

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