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A case study on blooms tries to ensure the company gets what they paid for regarding training their

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This review is based on what I know and what I have experienced and some might relate to what I have to put on here. When I started to attend the school I was welcomed very well and the student support was there and they even checked on me like a baby in ICU.

Through the years I have had about two instructors that were worthless and cared less what you had to tell them and one actually gave me an "F" for one of my classes, Julius Moses POLsteer clear from this guy, funny that after retaking the class with the same material I received a "B".

Some would ask, "Did you submit a grade appeal?

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The grade appeal did nothing and at the end of the day they have made their decision and they will just tell you to retake the class--more money for them. Finance department is just as bad as the Social Security office for people collecting social security.

These guys are rude and disrespectful and will talk to you like you work for them and they own you since you were born--trust me I am far from a sensitive individual. My recent issue is my current stipend that I received a few weeks ago Oct A few months ago I asked them if they had any stipend and they said NO and they gave me some back woods excuse and I left it at that.

A few weeks ago I received my stipend which was weird, after receiving the stipend it even got weirder. My stipend was dated for school year and I am currently sitting on school yearbut they told me I had no stipend.

A case study on blooms tries to ensure the company gets what they paid for regarding training their

This is one of a few more incidents that I have come across with the finance dept. Student advisors are hit and miss. I have actually come across some that are super and they work with you like a good lawyer willing to fight for their client.

At the same time you will get some rotten apple advisors that will not even answer your emails, they will not return your phone calls, etc. I have also noticed that the school likes to change advisors without notifying you and it sucks when you have a good advisor.

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Re-entry depart is the latest department that I have come to deal with. Classes begin on Tuesdays in AU and they open the class on Monday. So I posted my introduction on Monday and the two discussions are due on Thursday. So on Tuesday I receive a phone call stating that I need to login.

An hour later I receive yet another phone call from the same retarded dept. Wait there is more, yesterday 30 Oct I receive yet another phone call from Retard Dept. I understand the guy was doing his job, but he can use some common sense, I finally requested to talk to a supervisor.

Erin Walter comes to the phone and she is worse than I expected, you have a better chance talking to a dead cow than talking to her.

She was rude, not willing to accept my request not to call me anymore, she refused to email me per my request, and lastly she hanged up the phone on me. This is what the school has down too these days folks. The school is ok if you want to complete your degree fast. However, you have to put in work to get results.

You have to have discipline for online classes; meaning you have to manage your time accordingly and complete your assignments. Most employers and even the federal government hire people with degrees, but most importantly from schools that are accredited.

Ashford needs to clean themselves up and start treating the students like humans not like we are nothing to the. Lastly I would recommend that you conduct all discussions on email and not on the phone, if you need to conduct anything through the phone make sure you ask for a follow up email.

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Was this review helpful? Yes - No 7 of 17 people found the following review helpful 1 Financial Aid I really like this school, but I do not like the way they handle student's financial aid & disbursements.

It seems like every time I have a stipend due, I go through these same issues. They want to ensure we turn our work in on time and ensure we have no outstanding financial holds, yet you take your time with issuing refunds when they are due.

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